Beethoven’s Violin, Beethoven-Haus Bonn


Images and description via: Beethoven-Haus Bonn 
Second Half of the 18th Century - Body length (ceiling): 359 (right) and 360 mm (left); Deckenmensur: 198 (right) and 198.5 mm (left); Halsmensur: 133.5 (r), and 135 mm (left); Drawer 30-31,5 mm back of flamed maple; ceiling: fine grained spruce

Inscribed: .. Nicolaus Amati Cremonen / Hieronym Fili Antoni ac / Nepos fecit in 1676.”; Repair including printed label Nicolaus Savicki Leopolitanus / reparavit Vienna Anno 18 [handwriting.] 48 / NS

On the floor below the neck Beethoven sheet signet bearing the initials LvB and a big one in the paint is tarnished "B".

From Beethoven’s Violin possession. Originally Sekundgeige of the string quartet, which was given in 1800 by Prince Lichnowsky Beethoven. The violin was still 1827 in Beethoven’s estate.

Work “German school a master of. By Michael Baumgartner is the classification as “South German unlikely. The body has a greater affinity to the work of Johann Schorn (+ 07.27.1718, Salzburg). However, a reliable assignment is not possible.

The write-up in the Amati label is erroneous.

Cut into the floor plate and flush with red sealing wax filled the capital letter "E" as the owner of a previous brand (Furstenhof).

Provenance: Ludwig van Beethoven. November 1846 in the Journal of General Intelligence for Austrian Imperial privileged newspaper advertised for sale. Between buyer and owner unknown. Last Taussig family in Moultonboro, NH.  Images and description via: Beethoven-Haus Bonn 

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